Chili Cook-off and the quest for the golden ladle

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Chili Cook-off and the quest for the golden ladle

Post by TylerHenderson on Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:14 am

Hey EdgeUcators,

   So as we discussed at our last Feb 2 meeting we would like to hold a chili cook off by the end of the month. Here are the details and task necessary to make this happen:

  1.  We need to finalize a date. It will be a Monday; either February 22nd or February 29th. Ask as many people as possible what date they could submit their chili and/or side items. By Thursday of next week it will be finalized.

  2. We need to secure a ladle and paint it gold. I know it was mentioned we have paint, but lets make sure it is the right kind. We really want the coveted golden ladle to be ..coveted. So if we need to buy a $3.00 can of golden spray paint (maybe with glitter in it) that is preferable to a drab yellow.

  3. A flyer will be made (by me) and available to hand out by the 15th.

  4. We need to have 2 or 3 power strips, disposable plates, spoons/sporks, napkins, salt/pepper, sodas(?), 3x5 cards, large jar, sharpies/pens.

The details of the cook-off:

People will bring in their crock pots of chili and we will set them up in the break room. A couple power strips (not daisy chained!) will be used to facilitate the powering of pots.

A 3x5 card will have only the number of the entry on it (no names) affixed to the pot. Try not to let those who enter know their numbers if possible. (don't assign them a number until they drop off their chili / side and leave.) Keep a roster of the names and numbers so we know whose is whose internally.

We will have a large jar at the end of the table with a stack of 3x5 cards and sharpies to allow people to vote.

Colleagues will come in, try the chilis, vote, and exit.

Special notes:

I picked plates instead of bowls so you can fit multiple entries on one surface without "cross contamination".  Ideally ,the plates would have to be of a material that isn't over absorbent but isn't totally plastic. Like that reinforced paper plate that seems to have a "finish" if you will.

The golden ladle will need to be on display in the room. Only chili entries may take the golden ladle. Maybe a silver spatula could be made for the best side???

There should be an announcement both the Friday before the event via PA and on Monday morning via PA. Any volunteers? I'll do it if no one else will, but someone will have to show me how.

Start some buzz about the golden ladle event and lets get people interested. Post your thoughts and opinions here and lets have a discussion.


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